Frequently asked questions

No, we don't charge any up-front fees.
Typically, about two weeks. This timetable can vary and depends largely upon timely submission of materials (the information we need to prepare your script) and the script revision and approval process.
No. We provide a digital player as part of our service. The advantage is that if the unit should fail or become obsolete as technology improves, you get free replacement for as long as you use our service. Our message players are designed for conventional, music on hold capable, telephone systems. In some cases, they can be used on residential type telephone lines with the use of a third-party adaptor. We do not provide third-party adaptors as part of our service.
Not under normal circumstances. You will however, be asked to agree to our simple terms and conditions as part of the order process.
Most current telephone systems have music on hold capability. We'll determine this when you order your service. Most systems require a simple plug-and-play installation. We ship the correct connector for your specific make and model and assist you with your installation. Some telephone systems require professional installation by a qualified technician. In this case there are two options: You can contact the local vendor that services your telephone system or we can arrange professional installation for you through our national network of technicians. The average cost in most major markets is $130.00.
Our devices will all resume playing after a power outage without requiring any action on your part. However, in a low voltage situation, or with power fluctuating on and off, your unit may eventually need to be reset. The reset procedure is as follows: Unplug the power - Unplug the media - Reconnect the power - Reinstall the media.
You'll be assigned a Login ID and Password, giving you 24/7 access to your account at Once logged in, you may modify your message script, submit new information so that we can prepare new material for you, select new background music, order a holiday soundtrack and more.
No, we pay all licensing fees on your behalf. There's never an additional charge or hidden fee.
Most “business” telephone systems have music on hold capability and work perfectly with our digital message players. We will ask you to identify the brand a model of your phone system early in the process, so we can quickly identify any compatibility issues.
Absolutely. Most VoIP systems are feature rich and are compatible with all messaging options, such as auto-attendants, voice mail greetings and message on hold.
Yes. We offer foreign language translation and native announcers is most any language.
Because of power fluctuations and other variables, your digital message player may require a reset from time to time. First, disconnect the power cable from the back of your player. Next, unplug the USB flash drive from the front of the player. Now, reconnect the power cable and finally, reinsert the USB flash drive.

Depending on your specific model, there may be a delay of approximately 3 minutes before your soundtrack begins to play. The status light on your player should be solid when the unit is playing.

If you should need further assistance, please call us at 800-755-4142.