Terms & Conditions

A- AUTHORIZED USAGE: Client is authorized to utilize ON HOLD USA soundtrack(s) and equipment at the agreed upon location(s) only.

B- EQUIPMENT LOSS OR DAMAGE: Client is responsible for equipment loss or damage.

C- INSTALLATION: Client is responsible for the installation cost, if any, of ON HOLD USA equipment.

D- FALSE ADVERTISING: Client will not hold ON HOLD USA responsible for any false advertising claims made as a result of copy provided by and/or approved by client.

E- TERMINATION OF SERVICE: Client may terminate service at any time, effective the end of the current billing period, by:

  • providing written or electronic notice (fax or email) prior to the date of desired termination, and
  • returning all equipment and soundtrack(s), and
  • remitting any unpaid invoices

F- CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP/MANAGEMENT: Client must notify ON HOLD USA of any change in ownership and/or management. Only the originating owner and/or management company is subject to the terms and conditions contained herein.

G- PAST DUE ACCOUNTS: An account that is more than 60 days past due, may be subject to late fees in the amount of 1% of the unpaid balance, per month (minimum of $5.00).

H- UNRETURNED EQUIPMENT: A client that fails to return ON HOLD USA equipment within 20 days of termination of service, will be charged an equipment fee of $175.00.

I- 30-DAY GUARANTEE: If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your ON HOLD USA program, we will issue a full refund, within 30 days, conditional upon the return of all equipment and soundtrack(s).

J- TERMINATION BY ON HOLD USA: ON HOLD USA reserves the right to terminate service for non-payment, or for any reason deemed prudent, and to require the return of ON HOLD USA equipment and soundtrack(s). ON HOLD USA shall notify client of termination by conventional and/or electronic mail, 30 days prior to the date of termination.

K- Third Party Compliance: ON HOLD USA requests exemption from third party compliance fees, as we do not perform work on site, under normal circumstances. We will provide insurance verification and W-9 documentation upon request. Our prices do not include any third party fees we may incur.

THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS remain in effect until ON HOLD USA or client terminates service, according to the provisions outlined in section E, "termination of service" or the provisions outlined in section J, "termination by ON HOLD USA".